All is Grace

"Been repenting in confession to a priest who failed to mention, he was living east of Eden and south of Heaven"

All is Grace is the new single from Imperial and features talented UK Hip Hop artist, Joshua Luke Smith. Imperial's throw-back production sets the scene as Joshua tackles some of the bigger philosophical questions of life. 

Imperial: Joshua has a great sense of wordplay and a gift in writing melodic vocal hooks, something that is rare within Hip Hop. When I first heard his work, I knew we'd connect musically and thought we could create some good art together. 

Joshua Luke Smith: As a fan of Imperial's work it's been an honour to connect and collaborate with him. I'm excited about what we have created musically and tackled in terms of content. I feel like the song captures that, in the most impressive environments and amongst the most powerful people, the same brokenness and need for grace exists. 

Many thanks to St Johns Church, Bath for allowing us to use their beautiful building, more info at 

Shot & Directed by: James Green for We Are One
Instagram: @jamesgreenphoto 

Production: Imperial
Vocals: Joshua Luke Smith

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