Back Of The Wind EP

It is with such joy and excitement that we are able to announce the debut EP from Rachel Jane is available for download! Each song is packed with truth, words of hope and rhythms that are impossible to sit still to! The EP was written by Rachel Jane and produced alongside Scott Barnett over the last few months. 

Check the single reviews below

Awaken is one of the most surprising, rhythmically complex songs I've heard in ages. Beatboxing, tribal percussion, and drum and bass loops all get referenced in this primal, chanting track that rips up Florence's template and rearranges the pieces into something altogether more lissome. Born in Bristol and raised in Bath, 19-year-old singer/songwriter Rachel Jane is shaping up to be one to watch this year. -  Mark Savage

‘Rise’ is the  new track from Rachel Jane, a Bristol based singer/songwriter. Somehow managing to effortlessly leap between a smooth, sultry and expansive sound into a more pop, soulful vibe at moments notice. All backed up by sparkling melodies and hypnotic beats. - I Love Pie 

Joshua Luke Smith