Timothy - Secret Place

20-year-old artist Timothy released his debut EP ‘Above the Storm’ in November 2014 and he has continued to rapidly grow in both his gifting and influence. The young poet (who began writing and performing at only 14) has gone on to release an onslaught of poems and videos since his debut, solidifying his position as a wordsmith of truth, conviction and sincerity.  

"Timothy is on point as he passionately delivers his carefully crafted poems. He deals with real issue that a lot of people need to hear more about in this day and age, and does it in a way that is confidently outspoken” (A STEP FWD, Nov 14)

His insights, nodding to a wisdom seemingly far older then his years combined with an extraordinary gifting in word play, rhyme and performance leave little question about his role as voice for his generation. 

Check out his new poem "Secret Place" and if your encouraged, uplifted and inspired share and support the message! The video was directed and produced by the incredible guys at GREEN COAT FILM. Music produced by Joe Cazzulini of Myself And You.

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