Your Beauty EP Out Now

We are so thrilled to release the new EP by Joshua Luke Smith. 

"Your Beauty" embodies my journey over the last year; musical, spiritual and emotional. It burrows deep into the archives of my life, telling stories I sometimes wish I had forgotten and experiences I feel privileged to have had. It captures some of my greatest challenges and celebrates the most splendid triumphs I've ever known.
I've come to believe my artistry is less about how I make my work sound or look but simply about the story that I choose to tell. Our stories will never be the same, they cannot be copied for they cannot be lived twice, they are the wounds that have healed into scars now whispering our personal narrative. 
The cover art, designed by my good friend and incredible illustrator, Elaine Tregaskis; depicts the one who has found healing for their wounds, taken ownership over their experiences and found the story in their scars, free to live in their unique, majestic Beauty.

I've been honoured to collaborate with some incredible creative, encouraging and inspired individuals in the creation of this body of work; producers, musicians, singers, designers, photographers, film makers and more, some of whom are; Jordan Wigston, Pete Sene, Kara Ann Marie, Elaine Tregaskis, Dani Miche, James Green, Gary Burrows, Nathan Mackenzie and many, many more (whom I will mention at a later date).

"Come as you are not as you should be, don't cover up those scars, they're your glory, they're your story, they're Your Beauty..."

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