Hold Your Head Up


Exploding back onto the scene after almost four years away, Dani Miché returns with her lead single ‘HYHU’ (Hold Your Head Up). Taken from her upcoming EP of the same name, Dani brings melodies that cut through with a power and authority often associated with such lofty names as Adele, but also a calming gentleness. 

With her trademark powerful, soaring vocals still taking front and centre, there is added maturity to her songwriting. Beginning with a choir of angelic-like harmonies, HYHU delivers a musical encounter that is a journey, as if you were walking out the words of the song with Dani herself.

Hold Your Head Up is an anthem for the hurting, the broken and becoming. It is a pulsing and unapologetic reminder that the story isn’t over.

HYHU is OUT NOW, released through independent label Orphan No More.

#HYHU #OrphanNoMore

Joshua Luke Smith