Joshua Luke Smith - Dead Man EP


Orphan No More are proud to present, in partnership with Residence Music, the latest EP from Joshua Luke Smith - "Dead Man".

This new offering from the co-founder of Orphan No More delivers on the anticipation birthed from his last EP "Your Beauty" (Orphan No More, 2015). This is a coming of age for an artist who has truly found a sound that causes people to stop and listen.

With the success of two singles "Headlights" and "Jack of Spades 2.0", "Dead Man" delivers a hard-hitting hip-hop vibe with lyrics that are not only poetic but also challenging and convicting.

As the man himself states, Dead Man is about being able "to celebrate the weakness in yourself and others as an opportunity to love without condition and reservation. (The ability) to rest in the knowledge that you're not competing for your calling. (An aim) to be more interested in the health of your soul than the success of your goals. (The ability) to abandon ambition in the celebration of others. To live with nothing to prove & nothing to lose, forsaking the illusion that you are what you do."

"Dead Man" is available to stream, download and purchase now.

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