Joel Clements - Falling Forward EP

Last week we met up with Joel Clements to discuss the release of his debut EP, Falling Forward. Keep reading to get a snippet of the journey behind the songs; the ups and downs of a process of finding grace in the most unlikely of places and situations.

What was the process of writing/recording the EP?

A lot of the songs I wrote a couple years ago. One of them, ‘Long Way Down’ was actually written about 5-6 years ago. I wrote it whilst I was living in France, and it was one of the first songs I sat down afterwards thought ‘this is actually a good song.’ It was probably when I felt most confident that writing and releasing music was what I wanted to be doing with my life.

The whole EP is a fly on the wall of some of the conversations I’ve had with God the last 7 years. That song in particular was a realisation of where He was in the big picture. A lot of the songs are like wrestlings of reconciling the world, what’s going on there with who God is. A lot of them start of in that tension and then end in hope. That one is very much about coming a long way around to understanding grace.

A line that really struck me from your second single is, ‘grace calls me home’, what does that line mean to you?

Just a realisation that there is always a way back. And remembering the ultimate reconciliation of Jesus on the cross. However, that in particular is more my personal epiphany that there is always a way back to where we believe we come from, which is God. I think the majority of EP hits towards that.

What were some of the experiences that led to writing these songs?

‘Breathe’ for example is a really personal song, that one was written about 3-4 years ago. Somebody came to me and said that they wanted to kill themselves, and it was someone who was very dear to me as well. But I think what terrified me in that moment is that I actually felt the same. They came to me to lean on me and I was thinking, I don’t have any hope. It was a moment where I realised that I needed to sort myself out, but more than that, find where God was in this situation because someone was looking at me to lead them through something that I was also in the middle of. Most of the songs are the out workings of that process.

The EP is called Falling Forward, what does that phrase mean to you?

I feel like that phrase captures the essence of all the tracks, which is basically me like accidentally falling forward through my life. It’s a perspective thing, where you could see it as continually falling forward or continually walking forward. It’s kinda play on words; God getting me to where he wants me to whether I know it or not.

Falling Forward is available everywhere to stream- click below.