The Answer


We are so honoured to debut the new single from Esther Moore, The Answer.  Released in support of World Refugee Day, this new offering is nothing less than an anthem; a provocative call to love without condition and reservation. Produced by Pete Sene, this is Esther's first release since her 2014 debut, All Shall Be Well.  Esther is currently at work on her new project, coming in the New Year. Keep your ears and eyes peeled!

We are also privileged to announce our partnership with Preemptive Love Coalition, an incredible organisation that loves across enemy lines, bringing health, nutrition and refuge to the victims of war. As a community of artists, we will be ambassadors for PLC and our hope is that through our art we can raise awareness, finances and support for their incredible work.

All profits from The Answer will be donated directly to PLC

The Answer was written from a place of deep wrestling.

What is our response when faced with senseless violence and hate-filled attacks on innocents?

The natural response is to react with fear and hatred of the individuals responsible and a desire to make them pay. My question, inspired by those who chose another way, was this: What would happen if we chose the most counter-intuitive, difficult and challenging response - and chose to love instead?

From growing up in Jerusalem at the height of the second Intifada when suicide bombings and terrorist attacks were an almost weekly occurrence, I saw firsthand the devastation and destruction that acts of terror can bring to a country. I also saw the destructive power of fighting hate with hate. I saw how it would become an endless cycle of revenge and blind hatred of the 'other', at the expense of any hope of peace or reconciliation. All it would do was build walls and cause devastating division and hearts to harden.

Yet I've also seen firsthand how powerful the simple act of choosing to respond with love in the face of irrational hatred can be. Seeing Israeli and Palestinian friends choose to lay down their arms, ask each other's forgiveness and allow tears to break down the walls of hatred and desire for revenge between them. Seeing the response of the Parisian who wrote an open letter in response to his wife being murdered in the Paris attack in the Bataclan - saying that though he was devastated, he would not raise his young son to hate his mother's killers. He would not give them the gift of his hatred and he would not give in to fear. He would raise his son to threaten their ideology by living happy and free. He would choose love as his answer, inspiring many to respond the same with the hashtag #lamourestlareponse.

These responses, among others, were what inspired me to write this song. It's not so much a single as an anthem, a call to lay down our arms and choose another way. To choose love over hatred and fear. Hatred divides. Love disarms. Fear empowers evil. Love tears down defences.

What does it mean to respond with love? I believe real love is not permissiveness, tolerance for the sake of tolerance or appeasement to those who seek or practice evil. Love without action is just a word with no substance. Action needs to be taken. These attacks have happened too many times, in too many places, to too many people to move on after simply posting twitter hashtags and lighting that metaphorical candle. It is time to speak out the truth - but to speak it out in love. To really love is to have compassion, yet to challenge self-destructive tendencies. To love the people, but hate the extremist ideology that can blind someone enough to take their own life and countless other innocent lives. To hold those responsible  accountable for their actions and not excuse or justify them, but to love them despite it all. To love as Jesus loved and called us to do - to love our enemies and those who hate us. To love anyway.

Few do this better than the Pre-emptive Love Coalition. I feel incredibly honoured to partner with this charity as an artist ambassador for their work. They work on the front lines on the ground in places like Iraq and Syria in the Middle East, mainly with refugees from ISIS or Daesh - beautiful people who too often are the ones who take the brunt of the hatred and fear stirred up by these attacks. Today on World Refugee Day, it's time to stand with them. It's time to lay down our arms. To refuse to give the gift of our hatred or fear. To finally break this endless cycle of revenge. Time to choose love as our answer. To love anyway. - Esther Moore



#LoveIsOurAnswer #LoveAnyway

Joshua Luke Smith