Do you like your reflection?

The answer to that question affects everything.

The world in which you live is the one that exists in your mind and in your heart — what is in there is the filter through which you see life. So the answer to that question has a huge impact on how you live and experience life.

My dream is for everyone in the world to answer yes to that question, not from a place of arrogance but from a deep knowing that they are loved. When you know that you are loved it’s because you have experienced it; you have tasted it. 

When that happens, hearts that hurt can begin to heal. 

Unconditional love kisses the pain away. 

It soothes brokenness. 

It sees scars as gold and the glory that you behold. 

It believes that nothing and no-one is too damaged or too far gone. 

When you know love like that your world changes, so the world around you changes. 

I believe that unconditional love so unashamedly vulnerable, inviting and wild exists. 

So when I see people answering ‘no’ to that question by hating on themselves, it breaks my heart. But I also get it because it used to be me and is still me at times. Why do we jump to beating ourselves up rather than being kind to ourselves if we make a mistake? When we look at ourselves in the mirror why do we pick out and scrutinise our flaws rather than focus on our beauty? 

Because we’ve been hurt. 

People have said things to us that have made us believe that we are x, y or z. People have done things to us that have stung deeply. 

So we hate on ourselves. But those things that people have said or done — they don’t have to define us for the rest of our lives. We can believe in and write a different story.

This love that I believe in exists in a God who holds nothing back from us, not even his Son. 

He gave him to us and he was beaten, tortured and left naked nailed to a cross, just so there would be a chance for us to know him, to experience him, to always have access to him. 

There was no guarantee after suffering on that cross that we would want him, that we would choose him. 

But his love for us is so great that it was worth paying that price just for there to be a chance for us to have a free relationship with him. 

How wildly vulnerable and inviting is that love? 

It changes everything: When you experience that love, when you taste it, when you know the God who embodies it, how He sees you and what He thinks of you.

I want to be a woman that is completely filled with that love because I want the world to know that love. I want it to overflow from within me and shine so bright that it just has to point to Jesus and show his face to the world. I want my life to constantly connect with people whose hearts are hurting and broken because I want them to experience a love that can heal. 

A love that kisses the pain away. 

A love that soothes brokenness. 

A love that sees scars as gold and the glory that you behold. 

A love that can change your world and so change the world around you. 

Will you dare to believe that love like this is on offer for you? 

Will you dare to like your reflection?

Author: Emma Broome