3 Ways To Develop The Artist In You

Recently I was asked to write about creativity and how I’ve developed my craft. These are some keys things that have helped me. 

3 Ways To Develop The Artist In You:

1. Find you:

Heart before Art is a phrase that defines the community of creatives I am a part of. It is birthed from the belief that as we shape the world within us, we will shape the world around us. I want to write poems that lead people into freedom and a deeper understanding of who they are, but I will never do that until I can rest in who I am. 

True art is a manifestation of the Artist.

Once I realised this I stopped trying to create better art and instead turned my focus on discovering who I am. I remember trying to rap like my heroes and wanting to look like those I deemed successful. But now my pursuit is more internal, true expression is a reflection of who we are because we are all works of Art before we are Artists. Creativity is intrinsic to my identity it isn’t just a song I sing or a poem I write, it’s the way I live. It impacts every area of my life. The gift I use may change but who I am remains constant. 

I believe that you cannot be you apart from God.

I believe who we are is discovered only in union with Christ. The Bible says that when we see Him we see ourselves. He is our mirror. The clearer I see God, the clearer I see my true self. The more I accept and learn to love the person I was created to be, the more creating is natural and not filled with anxiety. 

It seems the desire to be unique runs deep in us, especially in artists. So many people are striving to do something that hasn’t been done. But I’ve found that it’s when I let go of what I think I should create that the truest art has come.

2. Just create:

All that being said I also have a high value for working on my craft. Often it seems that creative people are just waiting for something to happen to them. Often we deem the success of our creativity by the size of our audience. I have certainly been there, waiting for inspiration, waiting for recognition before I fully invest.

I once heard someone say that “you create the best art when you create the most art”.

This simple statement has proven to be so true in my life. Whether I feel inspired or not, when I just start creating, somewhere in it all I find the gold I have been looking for. Sometimes it feels like I’m swamped balancing so many different projects, but it’s been in the busiest times that the richest art has come out of me. 

3. Find a family:

I think creating within family is the best thing ever. Not only does it bring so much joy to the process, but collaborating is often where my ideas develop and are refined. We all have a message, but as we share our own stories, together we begin to paint a fuller and much more beautiful picture.

I’m so grateful for my family at Orphan No More; an independent record label that I’m a part of in the UK.

Thanks for pushing me on when I’ve wanted to give up and always caring more about the condition of my heart than the ‘success of my art’.

Author: Timothy Rudge