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We believe the message we wear is a message to share. As a community, we're committed to seeing Hope infiltrate peoples lives through our music, redemptive stories and even the clothes we create. Of every garment sold, £2 is given directly to the work of those on the front lines, caring for the orphan, the outcast and forgotten. Our vision is to raise £1,000,000 and provide life altering resource to those in need. Hope is real. Help is real.



Orphan No More Collective is so excited to offer its newest single from its second project, “Even Now.

Although written in the depths of grief and uncertainty, “Even Now” is a song for every season. This song is a reminder that for every loss there is still victory and for every winter, spring is still coming. We wrote these words as an act of faith to believe that even when our feelings not permit it and our situation restricts it, God has not changed. This song is our truth; that hope prevails and love never fails. May this song speak to the depths of you and remind you that the best is yet to come even now in whatever storm you’re facing.

Even Now” is available everywhere now.


questions and reflections from our community



“It is Done” is the first single from Exhale Vol 2. This song was written by Esther Moore, our precious friend and one of the founding members of our community. This song, written after Esther had been diagnosed with cancer, is a celebration of resurrection; a celebration of the power of love winning over the grip of death, the pain of loss and the weight of shame. “It is Done” is an anthem, declaring victory in the face of defeat and hope within the depths of grief. Standing as a compelling reminder of the greatest love story of all time. Esther went to be with Jesus on 25th July 2018 but her song and her story live on, leading us to believe, even now, the best is yet to come.



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EXHALE vol 1

We wrote these songs because we needed them. Through gratitude and grief we’ve confessed these words to be true and believe them now more than ever. Today they become yours. We pray you find them to be the vessels of hope and healing that they’ve been for us. Exhale Vol 1 is OUT NOW! #OrphanNoMore

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We believe everybody has a message, everybody has a song and a story to tell.

We believe the story isn't over and that hope will have the last word. 

We believe in Heart before Art, that we can change the world outside as we heal the world within.

We are developing artists, encouraging their gifting, realising their dreams and seeing them become who they were born to be.



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