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Joshua Luke smith


Joshua Luke Smith is a wordsmith packed with ammo. As a poet, rapper and producer he creates from the mandate to ‘speak into the chaos’. Joshua has a unique perspective on the world from both education and experience. After being born in London, and raised in Pakistan, he ultimately settled in Bath, UK near where he graduated from Bath Spa University.

His childhood of consuming Nas, The Roots and Fugees meshes with current sounds of Stormzy and Bon Iver to inform the songs coming out of the studio in Joshua’s attic. He’s been lauded in Complex and featured on BBC Radio 1. Spring 2018 brought his TED Talk being released, a US and EU tour and his first US label release on Residence Music.

Joshua along with his wife Kara founded Orphan No More back in 2012.


Dani Miché

Dani Miché is a strong believer in the power of music; that the combination of lyrics, melodies and instrumentation have the ability to deeply impact hearts and minds.

With her epic new single ALL IN, Dani delivers an alluring suspense that draws you into a wash of electro, poured across textured bass. Dani’s unstoppable voice activates an undeniable energy. 

Once again her powerful vocals and enchanting lyrics have created an irresistible sound that will stop anyone in their tracks!

ALL IN’ is available everywhere now.



With a confidence and charisma to his words, Timothy is reshaping the spoken word landscape. Timothy’s writing naturally gets to the heart of the matter, creating room for hearts to encounter something deeper than themselves. Poetry written with precision and ease, Timothy’s words carry weight that is bringing calm to our world of chaos.

His debut EP, “Above The Storm” (2014) and second EP, “The Mirror” (2017), shows a journey of a man who isn’t afraid of the process but faces it with courage. Timothy’s music is a charge to a generation put down by fear to stand up and believe again.

His latest release, “Fear Not” is available everywhere now.



With the release of her debut EP 'To The Voice', Sophia has learned the art of making the music she loves, true to herself with conviction and without compromise. At only 24, Sophia's music is the unique expression of the cultural and creative melting pot provided by her upbringing. Having traveled more in her childhood than most do in a lifetime, her stories, songs and musings are fused with wisdom beyond her years and a simplicity rooted in the quiet confidence of being.

As many search for meaning in the world outside, Sophia’s music draws you into the journey within: The discovery of one’s self and the expression of the treasure you find. With the release of singles 'Give Me Heart' and 'I Love You' (via indie label Orphan No More), Sophia sidesteps genres from folk, gospel and pop with a voice so alluring yet undeniable in power that you can’t help but be enriched by lending your ear.

'To The Voice' is available everywhere now.

Sophia - October 17 Press + EP (9 of 9).jpg



KEEPING ON is the eagerly anticipated debut EP from Kara Ann Marie. This first offering bears the sound of becoming. It's an honest and simple reflection of the last decade, filled with the rich and timeless tones of gospel, folk and captivating poetry. 



With depth, passion and soulful rhythms Rachel Jane’s music pulses with hope. A pursuer of genuine creativity, Rachel Jane is an artist with heart and courage. The combination of her powerful voice and poetic lyrics, she creates songs that carry the very DNA of Orphan No More: “that hope will have the last word.”

Growing up singing in church and other contexts, her style has evolved taking inspiration from a range of musical genres including pop, R&B and gospel. Her music challenges the status quo to not settle for mediocrity whilst encouraging listeners to step out in boldness and confidence. 

Her latest single “Lead the Way”  and sophomore EP "The Mountain" is available everywhere now.

Be sure to also check out her debut EP "Back of the Wind" (2015). 



Orphan No More is thrilled to introduce artist Andrew Williams for the first time. With passion, honesty and vulnerability Andrew is an artist whose music has the capability to shift atmospheres and culture in an ever-changing world of opinions. 

His debut single "Still I Will" released this year, with its acoustic sound and powerful vocals, carries a message to declare hope no matter the circumstance or cost.

His single, "Still I Will" is available everywhere now. 

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Jacques miché

There are few voices that make you stop dead in your tracks but Jacques Miché is one of those few.

Jacques draws you in with compelling vocals, classical melodies and enticing lyrics. His music creates space for authenticity and vulnerability in a culture that has been told to hide their struggles. With his singer-songwriter vibe, Jacques’ music focuses on simplicity over complexity and honesty over deception.

His debut single, "Home" tells a captivating story of redemption and belonging, followed by the full EP titled “Abyss” this is a piece of art that speaks to the soul on a deep level.

"Abyss" is available everywhere now.

Check it out - we promise you wont be disappointed.

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